2017 Family Bike Tour Overview – Eurovelo 6

Special thanks to Dale and Brittany Majors for sharing their Weehoo bike trailer adventure with us.  Dale’s original blog is here:  https://dalemajors.com/2017/06/17/2017-family-bike-tour-overview-eurovelo-6/.

Dale's Weehoo Bike Trailer Euro Adventure

A few years ago, My wife Brittany and I cycled for 2 months with our three children on the Eurovelo six route. We loved it so much, we decided to do it again now that we have four kids. We also invited a few families to join us. Our kids are ages 2,4,6 and 8.
Along with my family we have the Stewart’s and their six kids, and the Pugmire’s along with their child. 
We flew into Paris, and we will fly out a Stuttgart Germany. We plan on riding between 20 and 30 miles a day.
For our gear, we have two surly travelers  checks, one chariot trailer, and one Weehoo double trailer.
Bike touring with kids has its challenges, but in general we’ve really loved the adventure. Our 8 year old an pedal himself, and we’ll have our 6 year old trade off with another kid in the group.

Best way to experience Europe with kids - the Weehoo bike trailer

Best way to experience Europe with kids – with the Weehoo bike trailer.


Halloween Costume Ideas

Star Wars:

Star wars is scheduled to be released later this year. The world is humming with information and trailers for the newest tale to the epic saga. Why not celebrate the new age of galactic warfare with a costume that goes along with it?


(Photo by Jim G on Pinterest. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/410249847282341663/)


Speaking of outer space, you are going to be soaring above them all in an awesome astronaut outfit. Dress up your bike so that it looks like a rocket ship with some cardboard, and you are going to have a far out time.



For a classic costume idea jump on your bike, and go get a witch costume from the nearest costume retailer. Tie a broomstick on your seat shaft and the outfit is complete! All you need now is to practice your evil cackle.


(Photo shared by https://www.pinterest.com/awheelia/bike-halloween/).


This movie about the lovable alien is another cinematic classic on this list. This Halloween remake the iconic flying bike scene. A dream shared by many fans of the movie. If you have an infant even better, or just a plain old doll of E.T. will work.



These are just some cool ideas to get you started. Let us know how you incorporated the Weehoo into your costume this year by sending us a picture on Facebook @rideweehoo or Instagram @rideweehoo.

Snack Ideas for Kids

Weehoo trailers are perfect for taking longer trips on a beautiful afternoon. It can be so much fun enjoying a bike ride for hours on end, but what snack are you going to pack that is easy and hassle free. The last thing you want hear is “I’m hungry!” every 2 minutes on the road. We thought we would share some snack ideas to keep the kids satisfied.


  • Banana: Easy to peel and you’re right back on the road. Potassium and carbs help muscles use fuel so your child can keep up the pedaling right along with you.
  • PB&J: Easy for the child to pull out of a bag and eat. Protein, fats and carbs give energy to your child during a long ride.
  • Clif Bar ZBars: Offers what the PB&J offers but without having to make it and sticky hands. Great if you are on a spontaneous ride and just need to grab and go.
  • Water Bottles: Water is essential to keeping your child from feeling fatigued and dehydrated. The Weehoo Turbo models have great pockets for water bottles. This one is quite obvious, but is not to be overlooked.


Building Better Habits Part 2

Back to the grind of the early morning routine. It is one of the toughest parts of the day. Fighting the warm sheets off your body trying to prep for upcoming work or school projects. It can seem daunting to even consider fitting in an early morning ride with how much you have to accomplish, but jump starting your morning can change the whole viewpoint and outcome of your busy day. I discussed how getting ready for the morning before bed can make your it easier to be stress free but now your dreams are over and the “PM” has turned “AM” time to get the morning started. What better way to start the morning than by discussing the first thing you hear, your alarm.

There are now plenty of apps that allow the morning rooster squawk to be a horrific remnant of the past. An app I personally use is called “Sleepcycle”. The app is able to determine how deep of a sleep you get from the corner of your bed. It utilizes the accelerometer in the phone to detect movement on the bed; it then determines if you are in a deeper sleep or a lighter sleep based off of the movements. As it grows closer to the time to wake up, the app syncs its alarm with your lighter sleep phase in order to allow a smooth transition into waking up. This natural rise into an awakened state helps the body feel well rested and less groggy instigating you to put your feet onto the floor. While the alarm is perfect to slowly awaken you, how can you change the time you wake up to the ungodly hours before the sunrise?


The key according “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” is to start slow. “Go to bed 15 minutes earlier and wake up fifteen minutes earlier for a few days until this new schedule seems doable” So before you jump the gun and start setting the alarm for 4am start piecing the time together in 15 minute parts. This allows your body to begin adjusting to the earlier and earlier waking period. Once you have begun this part of your morning routine you are able to wake up refreshed and renewed, ready to begin your new mornings. Now all that needs to be determined is what can be accomplished in the morning.


As I continued reading “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” I began to realize that I have more than enough time in the day I simply have to beat the sunrise. It discusses how this time before the world wakes can be the most potent time in order to grow personally, accomplish long time goals, or even just enjoy the peace and quiet. There is something serene about being up before the sunrise. It adds this ownership to the day. As if you are the only person who is awake. There are no nagging duties or possible interruptions which could derail your focus. This is the time I always strive for during the day but can never find. I personally use the early mornings to fit in a short workout, get some reading done, and catch up on my schedule. This frees up my afternoons for unexpected plans or the possibility of indulging in a beer or two without feeling like crap afterwards. So be sure to find what goals you have always wanted to accomplish in order to make the best use of your new found time.

Don’t let the fear of exhaustion keep you from utilizing your mornings. By simply utilizing “Sleepcycle” or an app similar to it you can wake in a much better mood. Once you have an app that works for you then you begin moving your timetable back earlier and earlier in small chunks. After you have given yourself ample amount of morning time begin set goals and enjoy the personal time you have always wanted. Next time on our “Building Better Habits” we will help sort through some of the crazy eating habits and which ones are best for an active lifestyle. Don’t worry you don’t have to start shopping for Wooly Mammoth Meat.

Speth Family Update!

They have been trekking their way through Portugal into Spain. Finally they have crossed the border and are working their way towards the coast. Once they have reached there, they plan on following it most of the way home. Here is what they had to say about their experience thus far:

“It has been very wet for us and it still is. But better weather will be expected for June :). We are having a great family time, cycling with Ronja and Mateo is quite a challenge though, as they have different needs. We slowed down a bit, so Ronja has enough time for playing and exploring. Mateo as well needs time to explore. He is crawling, so the surface has to be appropriate- and in the cold and wet, this is a challenge.”


While weather is an inherent riding deterrent it was interesting to think of it’s effect on the children outside of the trailer and how that can impact the trip. It sounds like Lea and Gregor’s desire to be on the move has been carried over into their children, haha. The children’s curiosity to explore the new scenery sounds like a challenge to keep up with but with such beauty surrounding them I am sure the Speth parents are just as excited to park the bikes and take a look around. It is important to not get too distracted so that they can make it to their next refill point, this may not be as easy as hitting up the local 7/11.
In order to stock up on food and supplies the Speth family has to rely on the small sporadic towns throughout their journey but what they are learning is some towns are even smaller than they think.
“What we learned on the road is to be prepared. Prepared for towns without shops for example. This means that we always carry some extra food and water. Spain has a pretty long “siesta” where shops are closed. “

This means that the Speth family don’t have time for a siesta in order to make sure they can make it to the next refuel stop. Timing and preparation are key when taking a long touring trip. Luckily this isn’t the Speth family’s first rodeo so they are well prepared for little surprises such as this. Their experience has allowed that although challenging the trip is filled with smiles every mile. Nothing keeps a family together like an adventure where surprises lie around every turn. I can’t wait to see what they have for us next time.

Their next email should be from the coast where the Bay of Biscay will greet them with beautiful sunrises and the sweet smell of the ocean. Till next time, adios mis amigos!

Building Better Habits Series Part 1

The best month to begin building better habits has reached it’s halfway point and we are here to help keep the momentum strong! Bike to work month encourages everyone to get out from behind the steering wheel and slide behind a set of handlebars. While the benefits of cycling far outweigh the benefits of driving, the time and effort that goes into biking everyday can be daunting to the point of avoiding the idea all together. DON’T GIVE UP! WE ARE HERE TO HELP! We are going to be running a series about building better habits and ways to keep them far beyond bike to work month. Let’s jump into the hardest part, waking up.

The alarm blares for the third time and your hand hits the snooze subtracting the minutes from your morning routine. The blankets are cozy on the skin, the pillow is still cold a few inches to the left, and there is so much sleep on your eyes. Trying to get out of bed before the sun hits the horizon is one of the toughest habits to accomplish. The biggest factor in being a successful morning person lies in the evening before.

Gallup polls1 found that nearly 67% of people fall short of the recommended eight hours of sleep. Getting to bed earlier helps the body fulfill its needed sleep cycles in order to wake up refreshed instead of regretful. It isn’t just about hitting the hay before 10pm, but it is also necessary to begin the preparations for sleep earlier.


Building a pre-bed routine allows your brain a chance to decompress and get ready to sleep. A couple of good activities to add to your pre-bed routine are setting up tomorrow’s clothes, making your lunch the night before, and setting everything you need to remember by the door. These simple actions the night before allow that once awake you can focus on more important items. The best way to wind down before going to bed is to avoid using any electronics. AND YES THAT MEANS PUTTING DOWN THE PHONE!

According to Sciencedirect2, the light produced by a phone suppresses the production of melatonin (the chemical which helps induce sleep) for nearly an hour. Scientists have pegged the suppression of melatonin to the types of light produced from the cellphone’s display.This light triggers the body to stay awake and alert due to the brain believing it is still the middle of the day. By putting the phone down and using the time before bed to get ready, read a little, or even just lay down and think, you provide your brain time to process all the day’s activities and produce the melatonin necessary enter the deeper levels of sleep. Let’s put this post to bed…haha

So be sure to get a routine down in the evenings so that your brain has time to get ready for bed along with you. Setting up a few of your morning chores in the evening helps clear up the time before work, and putting the phone down keeps your brain focused on sleeping instead of your status updates. On the next “Building Better Habits” post we will go over making the most of every minute in your hectic mornings. The scary news is that it may mean beating the sunrise

Introducing the Speth Family

We here at Weehoo are constantly looking for adventure! Whether on our bike or in our life we can’t seem to sit still. This is why we love our product! It helps get the whole family out and moving. Seeing new sights when the pavement ends and the trail begins is what we thrive to do everyday. This excitement and adventure is what makes us so happy to introduce to you the Speth Family: Lea, Gregor, Ronja, and Mateo.

This crew is taking family vacation to a whole other level. The family of four is obsessed with biking and willing to do whatever it takes to put the pedal to the road. In 2012 the Speth family began a journey across the USA. Four years later they are going for a whole new adventure back in their home continent, Europe.


The speth family began their European journey early this April and have just informed us of their journey earlier this week and it’s quite a grand adventure. They are traveling from Faro, Portugal to Berlin, Germany, where they are from. They have encountered quite the strike of rainy weather so have been trying to tough it out in order to keep on track. They plan on pushing through to the northern coast of Spain into France and following it back home. Although not the exact route I have added a map from Google to show the distance!

They are going to keep us in the loop as they progress so stay tuned and we will give you latest as we know it! Be sure to send encouragement and shout-outs if any of our European riders see them! Below is Lea and their daughter Ronja:



Save the showers for the flowers.

With spring in bloom it is time to get the bike out of the garage and on to the pavement. While temperatures can be high someday, you have to be ready for the April/ May showers. It is easy to get out when the sun is shining and the clouds drift through the sky but being prepared for the rain can make the commitment to commuting or mountain biking an easy mission to accomplish. The first key to a dry ride is keeping the tires from giving you a shower by picking yourself up a pair of fenders.

bicycle trailer

A simple pair of fenders can make the difference between looking like you went biking and looking like you went swimming. Typically fenders for commuter bikes will be more narrow allowing a more streamlined profile. You can pick up affordable fenders that strap on to the seatpost of your bike or spare some extra dough to pick up fenders that attach to the frame of the bike itself. Personally I prefer the frame attachment because it typically calls for less adjustment after hitting bumps or making quick turns.
Mountain bike fenders tend to be fatter and more sturdy in order to block against the mud coating the trails. The rear fender typically attaches to the seat of the mountain bike due to the movement of the rear tires on a full suspension bike. The front fender fits right underneath the the suspension fork or on the lower tube of the bikes frame to accommodate the shocks.
Once you have the bike set up to prevent a perpetual sprinkler to the face it is time to get some clothes that shed rain like a dog sheds fur.

bicycle trailer

A good rain jacket can be worth its weight in gold. There are many options and some can get expensive. The best jackets will be breathable, allowing sweat to leave, and waterproof, keeping rain or snow out. The best way to tell how breathable a material is to actually, well, breathe on it. If you place your hand on the other side of the material and can feel your breath then the material is more breathable. Typically you have to sacrifice some breathability to be totally waterproof. This same concept applies to waterproof pants as well so be sure to cover yourself from head to toe! Not only can you cover yourself from the rain but Weehoo offers the best protection for the little riders in your life.

We have the All Weather Canopy, or what we in the office all the “All Weather Experience”. The canopy which hangs over the child’s head is water resistant allowing for a simple sun shade or the summer showers to meet their match. When the weather begins to bring the storms you can place the plastic covering over the canopy and provide a 360 degree shield from the conditions. It comes with zippers on the front to allow easy adjustability depending on the intensity of the conditions. Everything is covered now what is there to solve?

Nothing! Haha, I am just kidding but this will get you ready for the varied conditions when you make the commitment to ride no matter the weather. Mother nature doesn’t care about what commitments you have made but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t be prepared to build a better routine. So get out and ride, rain or shine!


Hello fellow cycle fanatics! As the snow begins to melt and the ice gives way to lush grass, we are revving to get out and hit the trail. With the new year beginning, Weehoo has sprouted a new team of excited young employees.

In the center you have our new Marketing Coordinator, Kalen Medina, or as I like to call him, ME. I am from a little everywhere around the west and moved to Colorado to ski, bike, and work, so far plenty of success.
On my left is Nick Brito the new Operations Manager. He is a Colorado native and is constantly ready to talk about the latest Broncos update. Not only that but is a mean bass player and heavy metal master.

Under my right arm you have Lane Miles running our E-commerce. He is an ebay aficionado from Michigan recently relocated to Colorado to tear up the single track. Now that the introductions are finished here are the fresh deets on Weehoo 2016.




Weehoo iGo Blast

Weehoo iGo Blast

If you are fresh to the bike scene, the iGO Blast has you covered. Coming in at an easy $225 price point the Blast is perfect for those looking for a high quality but cost effective bike trailer. To help the 1-4 age group this is designed for we replaced the pedals with a relaxing platform for the child to sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventure.

Weehoo iGo Cargo

Weehoo iGo Cargo

When your back is tired from carrying all the commuter essentials let our iGO Cargo do the heavy lifting. Able to carry 100lbs this light weight trailer will be able to take briefcases, backpacks, boxes, crates, or whatever else your life has you carrying. If ya wanna pick one up don’t worry about pinching pennies because at $225 you will be too busy riding to your bank with a wad of cash.

Please EMAIL Mat@WeeRideUK.co.uk to order Dismiss