Speth Family Update!

They have been trekking their way through Portugal into Spain. Finally they have crossed the border and are working their way towards the coast. Once they have reached there, they plan on following it most of the way home. Here is what they had to say about their experience thus far:

“It has been very wet for us and it still is. But better weather will be expected for June :). We are having a great family time, cycling with Ronja and Mateo is quite a challenge though, as they have different needs. We slowed down a bit, so Ronja has enough time for playing and exploring. Mateo as well needs time to explore. He is crawling, so the surface has to be appropriate- and in the cold and wet, this is a challenge.”


While weather is an inherent riding deterrent it was interesting to think of it’s effect on the children outside of the trailer and how that can impact the trip. It sounds like Lea and Gregor’s desire to be on the move has been carried over into their children, haha. The children’s curiosity to explore the new scenery sounds like a challenge to keep up with but with such beauty surrounding them I am sure the Speth parents are just as excited to park the bikes and take a look around. It is important to not get too distracted so that they can make it to their next refill point, this may not be as easy as hitting up the local 7/11.
In order to stock up on food and supplies the Speth family has to rely on the small sporadic towns throughout their journey but what they are learning is some towns are even smaller than they think.
“What we learned on the road is to be prepared. Prepared for towns without shops for example. This means that we always carry some extra food and water. Spain has a pretty long “siesta” where shops are closed. “

This means that the Speth family don’t have time for a siesta in order to make sure they can make it to the next refuel stop. Timing and preparation are key when taking a long touring trip. Luckily this isn’t the Speth family’s first rodeo so they are well prepared for little surprises such as this. Their experience has allowed that although challenging the trip is filled with smiles every mile. Nothing keeps a family together like an adventure where surprises lie around every turn. I can’t wait to see what they have for us next time.

Their next email should be from the coast where the Bay of Biscay will greet them with beautiful sunrises and the sweet smell of the ocean. Till next time, adios mis amigos!


Hello fellow cycle fanatics! As the snow begins to melt and the ice gives way to lush grass, we are revving to get out and hit the trail. With the new year beginning, Weehoo has sprouted a new team of excited young employees.

In the center you have our new Marketing Coordinator, Kalen Medina, or as I like to call him, ME. I am from a little everywhere around the west and moved to Colorado to ski, bike, and work, so far plenty of success.
On my left is Nick Brito the new Operations Manager. He is a Colorado native and is constantly ready to talk about the latest Broncos update. Not only that but is a mean bass player and heavy metal master.

Under my right arm you have Lane Miles running our E-commerce. He is an ebay aficionado from Michigan recently relocated to Colorado to tear up the single track. Now that the introductions are finished here are the fresh deets on Weehoo 2016.




Weehoo iGo Blast

Weehoo iGo Blast

If you are fresh to the bike scene, the iGO Blast has you covered. Coming in at an easy $225 price point the Blast is perfect for those looking for a high quality but cost effective bike trailer. To help the 1-4 age group this is designed for we replaced the pedals with a relaxing platform for the child to sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventure.

Weehoo iGo Cargo

Weehoo iGo Cargo

When your back is tired from carrying all the commuter essentials let our iGO Cargo do the heavy lifting. Able to carry 100lbs this light weight trailer will be able to take briefcases, backpacks, boxes, crates, or whatever else your life has you carrying. If ya wanna pick one up don’t worry about pinching pennies because at $225 you will be too busy riding to your bank with a wad of cash.

Please EMAIL Mat@WeeRideUK.co.uk to order Dismiss